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Kaeser SFC Variable Speed Compressors

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Many of Kaeser's rotary screw compressors are available with variable speed drive using Siemens drive technology. Kaeser's engineers have optimized the airend design to accommodate a wide flow range with unmatched efficiency. The drive motor and Sigma Profile airend operate at low speeds, resulting in exceptional reliability and long life.

Advantages of variable frequency drives

  • Meet varying loads:
    Most compressed air systems have varying loads and it is often more effective and efficient to apply multiple compressors to meet changing demand. In cases where the demand profile changes rapidly and frequently, variable frequency drive compressors may be recommended. By varying the frequency of the input electricity to the motor, these compressors speed up and down to match their air output to your demand.
  • Precise pressure control:
    Kaeser's SFC design includes highly accurate sensors to maintain stable pressure (± 1.5 psig), without wasting air by over-pressurizing the system. This also increases reliability and product quality in your plant.
  • Superior part-load performance:
    Kaeser's SFC units have superior part-load performance and make great trim machines. They can be easily integrated into a multi-compressor system to provide faster response to variations in air consumption. At the same time, they can reduce electricity costs since their electrical consumption varies directly with air production.
  • Soft start:
    Kaeser's frequency drives are the ultimate soft starter for your motor using the lowest start-up current. They eliminate heat spikes in motor windings, allowing unlimited motor starts. Of course, frequency drives usually have fewer starts/stops, which means less frequent loading and unloading, for less wear and tear on important mechanical parts.