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VFD Compressors Are The Most Efficient Compressors To Operate?

VFD Compressors Are The Most Efficient Compressors To Operate?


VFD ( Variable Speed Drive ) compressors can be an energy efficient compressor option for some businesses but you will need to do some homework before just blindly purchasing!

- Most importantly, have an Air Demand Audit performed by a reputable compressor distributor.

- An Air Demand Audit should give you clear, easy to read graphs and charts that show the air consumption in a facility over at least a 7-10 day period or even longer.

- If an audit shows air demand consistently in the 80-100% range , a fixed speed unit would be a cheaper option to purchase. A VFD unit would not give any significant energy savings at the high end of usage and in fact could be less energy efficient than a standard compressor!

- Not all compressors are created equal! Check out their performances at CAGI.org. Just because it is a variable speed compressor doesn't mean that it provides more air than a fixed speed unit.

- If the audit shows large swings in air usage, you may want to consider multiple smaller fixed speed machines or a combination of fixed speed and VFD compressors. There are many disadvantages to having just one large compressor - VFD or fixed speed!